The Alexandria Bar Association

 Committees and Chairs


The committees listed below are all active in our association. It is not required to join a committee to a member of the Bar association, but, it is a great way to become involved in the Bar and the local community. If you are interested in learning more about the committees or would like to be active in one, contact the chair person(s) listed beside the committee of interest.


Community Services
Jean Kelleher Niebauer                    (703)838-6390
Carolyn Grimes                            (703)683-6300

Continuing Legal Education
Ronald A. Ray                             (703)549-7510

Criminal Law
Jonathan Shapiro                          (703)684-1700
Michael W. Liberman                       (703)600-0840
Robert Jenkins                            (703)549-7211
Family Law
Marty Gannon                              (703)836-2770
Chris Schinstock                          (703)836-2770

Gridiron Program
Doug Steinberg                            (703)683-5328
Carolyn Costle                            (703)836-7441

Judicial Admin. & Courts
Tom Cullen                                (703)519-3318

Judicial Selection Committee
Craig C. Reilly                           (703)549-5333

Lawyer Referral Service
Robert M. Gants                           (703)684-2000

Law Day
Elizabeth Woolley Ross                    (703)683-6300

Legislative Committee
Marvin Miller                             (703)548-5000
Frank Salvato                             (703)548-5000 

Ronald W. Stern                           (703)684-0100

Ronald A. Ray                             (703)549-7510

Real Property

Tax Law
Elizabeth Pirsch